caravan water supply

Caravan Water Supply, Storage & Waste

Managing water supply and waste are important if you are to enjoy a stress-free holiday. We know how to repair and maintain all caravan water supply, pumps and water waste-management systems. We carry a wide range of water supply, storage and waste water equipment to suit all your needs.

  • Fitted water storage tank,
  • Standalone water storage,
  • Supply inlets, hoses and connectors
  • Taps, sinks, showers and related items
  • Portable toilets, toilet accessories, toilet cassettes
  • Waste water collection tanks
  • Waste water processing chemicals
  • Waste pipes and connectors

We have a large stock of waste and fresh water parts, equipment  and accessories from all the major brands. If we don’t have something you want in stock, we’ll do our best to source it for you.

Call in to our shop in Porthmadog or contact us today for all your fresh caravan water supply and waste water needs .